What I Ate ! #1

I thought this would be super cool to do. Personally, I find these types of blog posts so interesting. This may be due to the fact I am so nosy in relation to what people eat haha.

First of all, Breakfast.

I had some yummy toast for starters. I used this new Hovis bread which had chia seeds in it which is soo good because need to get those Omega 3 gains. The toast literally did not fill me up at all though so I decided to grab some fruit from the fridge. I had a bunch of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I covered them with a dairy free yogurt (Alpro Vanilla to be precise.)

For a snack at around 10:00am I did have more fruit, with a banana as well which I did not photograph sadly.

For lunch, I had something simple because I wasn’t too hungry and I also knew I was going to have a super big dinner.

This sandwich was so satisfying. I was walking around my local shopping centre, which lacks vegan foods, and I stumbled across Soho Coffee. I honestly never go there so I thought I’d take my chances and check it out. They had quite a few vegan options which made me so so happy. I went for this sandwich which was mixed peppers and paprika hummus – sounds simple I know but it tasted like heaven. I’m not really a big person for sandwiches but this is probably my new fave thing to get whilst I’m out!

Finally, for dinner. I rarely get take out because of the lack of vegan options but my father found out that there was a vegetarian pizza restaurant near where I live (It’s in West Bromwich!). Half of their pizzas can be made vegan with just simply changing the cheese. It’s such a hassle to get to for me so still, I rarely eat there but my dad decided to treat me on his day off!

I had veggie sausage which was so bloody yummy. It came topped with jalapenos, mushrooms, onion and peppers. I like spicy food but I had no idea it had jalapenos and the amount of jalapenos they put on this pizza, was too spicy for me hahaha. It took me so long to eat this in fact, there was so many toppings on it – which is rare.

This is what I ate in a day! Normally, I don’t eat pizza for dinner but I happened to when I said I was going to capture my food intake. Let me know if you want any more of these as they were super fun to do !!!

Sophie xx


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