Wolverhampton Vegfest!

So today, is 30th October 2016, and I went to Wolverhampton to visit the vegan festival! This was my very first vegfest since going vegan and I have almost been vegan for a year now – how crazy is that?! I didn’t have high hopes for this one because you know, it’s in Wolverhampton, you can’t really expect much and Wolverhampton isn’t going to be as good as the London or Birmingham ones. But oh my god, I was blown away. There was so many stalls and so many people. I didn’t stay long because I literally could not deal with how many people there were but anyway, I’ll give you a run through of my visit!

I first of all went to this stall that sold vegan chocolate and sweets. I cannot remember for the life of me what it was called and I’m annoyed so much! I got my hands on a vego bar as soon as I entered the room. Honestly. I’ve never tried one and every single vegan on Twitter seems to be obsessed and not gonna lie, I felt left out. If you happened to be reading this and you sold me a vego bar, please let me know so I can add your company website/name onto this post!

I then, purchased a vegan steak from Sgaia’s Vegan Meats. OH MY GOD. This was the best thing I had ever tasted. They had a portion of pre-cooked steaks for people to try and I had a few pieces because it tastes that good. They are apparently the first UK vegan ‘butcher’ shop which is confusing and weird but anyway, I liked. They sell bacons, steaks etc etc which is very interesting. I’m definitely going to be buying more in the future!

That’s honestly all I bought to take away from the festival. Boring I know, but I did eat a fair few things from outside. I’m guilty.

I first went to the pizza shop – Vegan Pizza co. Now, I only had a margarita pizza because that’s personally my favourite type & it was lovely. My dad had the garlic mushroom pizza and IT WAS TO DIE FOR!! I played it safe when I truly wish I had bought one more fancy.

I purchased a Fry’s burger from Greens Vegan Catering. It was so tasty and yummy lemme tell you! I knew I already loved the burgers that Fry’s make but it was just so fancy and different to watch someone else make it and for me to enjoy.

Lastly, I had a scoop of ice cream from Ice Green UK. I had the vanilla and salted caramel which was amazing honestly. My dad had two scoops – mocha and mango and passion fruit – to which he went back for more because he really enjoyed the mocha scoop.

I had fun at veg fest! If only it was less busy so my little anxious mind could have been more calm. But, I’m glad it was as busy as it was, because that meant more vegans live in my area or there are vegan curious people out there – so I guess it is okay 😉


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