Ten Things That Make me Happy

I thought this type of blog post would be very nice for me to write. It’s kinda therapeutic in some sense, because it reminds me of what’s good about life and what makes me happy. So I thought I’d give it a go:

  1. Animals! So many animals. I love piggies SO much, just as much as I love dogs. I don’t think there is an animal I dislike.
  2. Cold autumnal weather. When you can wear jumpers and not get too hot. I get hot really easily so the cold breeze allows me to wear comfy clothes without sweating to death.
  3. Cuddles. There’s something beautiful and relaxing about being able to cuddle up to someone and completely trust them.
  4. Pasta makes me so happy. If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would probably be pasta.
  5. Spontaneous days out. Nothing more exciting than thinking you have nothing planned for the day and then being surprised with a day out.
  6. There is still many tv series for me to complete. I will never be able to put a tick next to ‘Watched all television shows’
  7. Cheek kisses. Getting kissed on the cheek is far more sentimental than kisses on the lips.
  8. When someone tells me I’ve made their day. Nothing more makes me happy than this. I feel worth.
  9. Lace dresses. These dresses make me feel so elegant.
  10. Learning a new song on piano and feeling like I’ve conquered something.


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