Random Facts About Me

I thought this would be a fun idea, mainly because I don’t really share much on this blog about myself. Only really my mental health so yeah some ppl may think I do share a lot. To me, sharing a lot is the little things. Like childhood memories or why my favourite movie is just that, my favourite. So here u go, here is some random facts about myself…

  1. My favourite drink EVER is coffee. I love it but I avoid it because my family only buy the type with caffeine and I try to avoid caffeine.
  2. I started college being 5’6” and now I’m in my final year and I’m 5’3”. So I’m actually shrinking lol
  3. I have double jointed fingers.
  4. I have a birthmark behind my eye ball which I only found out about when I was 15.
  5. I love spicy food SOOOOO much. My favourite food is actually curry.
  6. I’m a Sagittarius
  7. I know the previous point means nothing and I don’t actually believe in star sign stuff but I have an unhealthy addiction of reading my horoscope every.single.day.
  8. My favourite marvel character is Thor. Gotta be.
  9. I love watching Eastenders maybe a lil too much..
  10. Not a huge fan of ice cream. I know shoot me.
  11. I have such a love for history. I aim to do something related when I’m older.
  12. I’ve never left the UK.
  13. I’m ambidextrous.
  14. My middle name is Louise. I know I’m such a white girl.
  15. I’m so easily annoyed. Literally you just poke me and you would have annoyed me for the rest of the day.
  16. I’ve never dyed my hair – mainly because I’m allergic to something in hair dye and I’m scared to find out what thing in hair dye it is.
  17. Speaking of that though, I quite like my hair colour. I don’t think I’d dye it if I could.
  18. I find it extremely difficult to speak my mind.
  19. I don’t think I have my local accent (which is Birmingham UK) but, if I’m drunk or if I’m being sarcastic, it does sometimes sneak out.
  20. As clumsy as I am, I’ve never actually broken a bone!


And that’s it!! This was quite fun actually. I might update this at some point πŸ™‚

Sophie xxx


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