What I’ve Been Listening To #1

Hi!! I thought I’d try something new on this lil blog of mine and make this a monthly (ish) thing.

Absolutely love this song!! I had no idea that the lil guy from TFIOS could sing??! But now I do and I’m obsessed. I hope more comes out of his mouth..

Okay, very different to the first song.. But I enjoy bopping to this song (or any ADTR song for that matter!)

I really love Blink 182 and I’m so glad they recently came out with some new songs. This entire album has been in my favourites since it was released but nonetheless!!

Troye Sivan is always gonna be in my favourites lists. I love him and his music so much!

That’s it I think. Lemme know if you want me to make this a monthly thing 🙂


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