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In Preparation for University.

University is right around the corner, for me anyway. If all goes well in terms of my mental health and the grades I get in August, I will be going to university (preferably in Manchester) in September. September is so close. I’m partly scared because I’ve never been out of my little down of Rowley Regis (ew) on my own before this point. Sure, I’ve been out of Rowley or Birmingham before, but I’ve always been with family or friends so this is new to me.

I thought I’d need to change myself. Enough of the poor eating habits, enough of the laziness. Bitch about to level up. I’m joking of course but I just thought I’d change lil parts of my life because I want to get the most out of university ya know?

#1 – don’t eat too much processed food. Honestly, I eat so much it’s a problem. This kinda links in with the laziness point because I’m seriously too lazy to make food from scratch all the time. I’d much rather put a vegan burger in the oven or something. I’m not saying I want to 100% cut processed food out of my diet because that’s impossible. There are going to be some days where I’m incredibly tired or lazy and just want to put something basic in the oven or microwave etc. I just want to eat processed food a lot less than I currently do and stick to natural foods like potatoes, beans, veggies etc.

#2 – do stuff on your own. This is a biggie. Coming from a person who is riddled with anxiety issues, I thought I’d need to do this. In September, I’m going to be in a new place, with a new home, with new people and thinking of that now terrifies me. Almost to the point where I want to give up with the whole university thing. Anxiety ruins my life on a daily basis and I’ve decided to fight it this time. My goal is to go one place every week/two weeks on my own – whether that be to the local shopping centre, to town and back on the train etc. I know soon I will have to do all these things so I need to get ready to do them, and not cause myself many anxiety or panic attacks in the long run. ** update: since writing this blog post, I’ve travelled into Birmingham on the train on my own and it was fine. I was a little anxious but not to the point where I wanted to give in **

#3 – save money!! This is probably the most important one of the changes I’m making. Why, I hear you ask? Because if I don’t save up some money, I will probably die at university. The loans I will soon have will just about cover my living expenses. I don’t want to just be ‘just scraping by’ I want to be able to live like I am now, but on a stricter budget. Saving money is a hard challenge for me but I reckon I could do it. Even if I just save Β£100 or Β£200, that is enough to treat myself in more than one occasion. So therefore, my goal would have been met.

And yeah… I think that’s it! Not many goals but you don’t want to set too many because then the pressure would be unbearable ya know. I’m sure I’ll update you lot on how successful I was when it’s closer to university time, or how much I failed. Anyway, I hope it’s the first one!!

Sophie xx


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