You may not be aware of this ..

There’s things that people like me explain every single day, and yet people still do not get the message. There is a huge stigma when it comes to things like this and the public opinion on feminism is slowly changing. People are starting to realise that we need feminism in our life rather than pushing it away. But while this decreased stigma is encouraging, it seems the major understanding of feminism is still lacking.

Women can like sex. Our society may uphold two labels when it comes to women’s sexuality which are either being a virgin or a whore, without much room for identities in between, but this double standard is absolute lies… Women can not only enjoy sex, but also occupy a variety of sexual identities and preferences. Plenty of women like casual sex, and they aren’t programmed to pursue monogamy like society tells us to. They also identify as gay, bisexual, asexual etc etc. It’s time to dispel the myth that female sexuality extends only to pleasing male partners or reproducing because most cases, women don’t want to reproduce.

We don’t hate men. Feminism is a movement dedicated to equality of the genders. Yet plenty of people still interpret feminism as an effort to prioritise women over men – which is not the case. In reality, feminists want to have equality in terms of a social and political factors so that people of all gender identities, whether it be female or male, or non-binary can live together in this world equally. Men can actually benefit from feminism which is apparently false when it comes to what anti-feminists say.

You can still be a feminist and choose stereotypical feminine/masculine qualities. It’s completely okay for a women to want to become a mother and be a ‘stay at home mum’. It’s completely okay for a male to be the bread winner. If that’s how you wanna live. The point behind feminism is that you shouldn’t be forced to subscribe to traditional gender roles.

We are still working towards gender equality. Now a typical thing people think is that men and women are equal now. Honestly, we still have a long way to go. The gender wage gap is not a myth and pay isn’t the only form of workplace discrimination women still face today. Just because women have come a long way in terms of professional success doesn’t mean we’ve achieved victory. In fact, we’re still far from it. For example, in property and real estate, women earn a weekly salary of £587 and men earn a weekly salary of £969. Also, in sales, women earn a weekly salary of £909 and men earn a weekly wage of £1339.

I hope now, if you were against feminism before reading this, you are more open to it. Feminism isn’t just for cis white females, it’s for everyone 🙂

Sophie xx


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