Mental Health Q&A

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week so I thought it would be a brilliant idea to do a blog post, based around mental health, every day for this week. I hope to be able to erase some of the stigma for some of you guys reading, and if you don’t know much about the topics I’m choosing.. well I hope you will begin to. I’ve tried to choice topics that I haven’t really found many blog posts, Youtube videos etc about in order to shed some light onto more rare discussions.

Today, I thought I’d do a mental health q&a. Now, these questions vary from my mental health struggles, general questions on mental health or advice for individuals. If you have any questions yourself, feel free to comment them and I’ll try to help you. Alternatively, if you want it to be private, you can direct message me on Twitter (@purrpale) or Instagram (@s.ophieharris).

I should add, this q&a may be triggering to some people due to mentions of suicide, self harm, bullying due to mental illnesses and various mental health issues.

1. What is your diagnosis?
I’m currently diagnosed with; generalised anxiety disorder with tendencies to be anxious around social situations, panic disorder, depression and borderline personality disorder.

2. Why are you so open about your struggles?
This is simply because I don’t believe mental health issues should be hidden. Would you hide the fact you have heart disease or cancer from someone? Now, I’m not comparing my disorders with these dreadful illnesses but you get my point. Why do people hide illnesses involving the mind but openly speak about physical illnesses?

3. How helpful is your medication?
Now, since I did my blog post on anti-depressants I have came off them. I also came off of my anti-anxiety tablets around that time but have recently came back on them for the foreseeable future due to a relapse in panic attacks but I find them quite helpful. It’s different for each individual but I would recommend if you are in a situation where you can get them, you should try.

4. Who do you rely on most in times of bad mental health?
This is cliche but my boyfriend. Maybe too much to be honest haha! He is one of the few people who I have discussed in depth the root of my mental health problems so it’s just easier to ask for help from him if need be. He knows exactly what not to say in my episodes and how to comfort me. He is my favourite person after all. Although, I do frequently get advice and support from my best ever friend so I guess I’d say my bff and my boyfriend!

5. Do you think you are fully recovered?
Far from it. But I’m getting there. My favourite quote is, “I still have a long way to go but I’m already so far from where I used to be and I’m proud of that” which I think is an honest review on my recovery progress. If 2011 me saw me now, I guess they’d say I was recovered as I no longer undergo self harm and no longer think about suicide as often as I did but the underlying issues that caused those problems are still there and because of that, they could return at any moment. Now, I doubt I’d relapse in terms of self harm because I am almost three years clean from that but the thoughts are sometimes still there which can be an issue sometimes.

6. What makes you feel better after a rough day tackling mental health?
That depends. If it’s a bad day tackling anxiety, a movie and bed (and if my boyfriend is there, cuddles lmao). If it’s a bad day in terms of depression, I like to write. Whether it’s a blog post, in my diary or a short story. ANNNNNDDD if it’s after an episode, whatever episode that may be, I just tend to want to be alone and maybe sleep or read a book.

7. Have you ever been bullied for your mental health problems?
Not really. I wouldn’t call it bullying but if I ever had a bout of anxiety, someone was bound to mock me for it or laugh at me. But other than that, not really.


Sophie xxx


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