People who saved my life.

Hiya! Hiya! Before we get into this lengthy blog post, I thought I’d tell you guys all about this thing that you can also get involved with from today! We Are Madmen informed me of this little project they are hoping to get people involved in that helps spread positivity and happiness. They go into it in more detail over on their blog but basically, all you have to do is leave envelopes with a nice positive quote, message or poem in random places wherever you live! So, wherever can be your local bus stop, a shopping centre or tube station – literally wherever so if people see them, they can open them and hopefully it will spread some happiness into their day. How great is that?! This first project starts today and is running for two weeks so there’s plenty of time to get involved. If you get involved, be sure to use the #madmendoingthings hashtag on Instagram or Twitter so everyone can see them! There’s nothing wrong with spreading some positivity is there?

Now onto the actual blog post !!!

I was just lying in bed earlier and thought this would be an awesome post to put out because it makes me think of all the positives in my life and I thought that would be interesting for you guys to maybe read or take part in yourself. If you are interested in doing this post yourself, make sure to tag me in it because I am super intrigued to see who saves your life every day! So let’s go straight for it!

1. My dad. We disagree about a lot of things but I am so grateful for you. You feed me; you put up with any stupid idea I have in my head and most importantly you believe in me. You’ve had to take on both the typical mother and father roles which I know wasn’t easy.

2. The inventor of instant rice noodles. Honestly, without you, I would struggle with cooking tea every day.

3. My best friend. I’m not mentioning names because like I have no clue whether they would want to be named and shamed on my blog haha but you know who you are x

4. My teachers. You made me so clever and taught me how to ace exams even though my memory is wack. Thank you so much. Without you, I probably wouldn’t have been this successful in my learning.

5. Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson and Zack Merrick. Thank you for all your music. It helped me not die throughout my early teenage years. I think if I didn’t stumble across Weightless when it was released as a single, I probably wouldn’t be here writing this blog post and that’s no exaggeration.


6. Myself. This probably sounds cliche but this point is probably the most important one. I helped myself get where I am today and no matter how much the previous people did help me, they only helped me so far and I did the rest.

Please, if you wanna do this, tag me in it or comment below so I can check it out! You can make it as serious or as silly as you want!

Sophie xxxx

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