Saving the Damn Bees

Bees are mega important. If there are no bees, then there is no us. It’s really that simple. So it is our jobs to bloody save them, given the fact we probably helped a good portion to their potential extinction. So I’ve compiled a list of ways you can help save them:

  1. Stop consuming honey. Literally. Bees make honey to make their nests all warm and cosy for them in winter. Taking honey means they have to keep on making it and it tires the little guys out and they end up dying due to the tiredness. There are plenty alternatives to honey too so you really don’t need it!
  2. Plant bee friendly plants in your garden. For example; lavender, sunflowers, poppies, sage, buttercups etc.
  3. Avoid chemicals in your garden. Chemicals affect the pollen which the bees are after, so it affects them too!
  4. Always keep a bottle of sugar water and spoon on you! It seems like such an extra thing but if you see a tired bee on the floor, give him a spoon full of the sugared water and he’ll gain some energy to fly back to the nest!
  5. Don’t kill them! Honestly bees don’t wanna hurt you unless you attack. Bees just wanna collect pollen and go home.
  6. Weeds are okay. I’m talking dandelions and wildflowers. Keep them in your gardens because the bees need them.
  7. Become a bee keeper! Honestly it isn’t that hard to install a hive in your garden and allow them to move in.

And there you go! It’s really that simple. They are close to extinction but it isn’t too late to help them!

Here’s a throwback?! This is a post I did roughly a year ago to this day. Click here.


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