My 2018 Review

Hiya! I did one of these in 2017 and I really enjoyed doing it month by month so I wanna do it again.

January ~ This was a quiet month. I spent it inside A LOT because I was so fucking poor (spoiler: still am). I did, however, spend a lot of time with my friends like going to spoons after college for an hour or two. I loved it. I also had my first ever job interview which was both scary and exciting for me. A job interview meant I have got super far with my anxiety journey and I actually thought about getting a job?! It wasn’t successful but at least I went! I saw Paramore this month too! Paramore have been one of my favourite bands since I was emo and I had yet to see them. It was genuinely a life to remember.

February ~ This month perked up a bit. Still poor and still sad but I did more things! I went out a lot more and I mean A LOT MORE. I think every weekend I went out at least once, sometimes twice. We had a week off college mid-February and I’m 99% sure I didn’t spend a minute sober. A blessing or a curse? I also stepped up my blogging game here too. I thought I already did but here I am, even better.

March ~ I had a plan to see Waterparks on the 1st of this month. Sadly it was snowing so so bad that I couldn’t get there. They still played but the buses and trains were cancelled into city centre and the roads were gridlocked. I’m upset that I missed them but I’m glad whoever made it had fun! I saw All Time Low again!!!! Is it even a year if I don’t see them at least once?! I also saw Fall Out Boy which was an experience and a half. I was unsure how their new sound would prevail live but it was perfect. If not better than the CD version. I received an uncondiitonal offer to a university in Birmingham which was super exciting. It meant that my journey back to university is happening and I haven’t been put on hold any longer. Both scary and exciting. I got super close to my friends here and I truly believe I’ve made friends for life here.

April ~ Started this month off with a sesh! I went to my first gay club! I mean if you don’t count the bar I went to in Brighton.. It was super fun and I felt so calm and at peace with myself. I also started my revision during this month for my upcoming exams in June and it wasn’t a fun experience hahhaah! I saw Harry Styles this month too! A childhood dream (I’ll speak more of this in my Gigs I Went to … blog post). I spent a lot of time with my friends with BBQ’s and seshing and life was pretty great!


May ~ The month I went gluten free! Not for any diet, solely for me being incredibly ill from consuming it. I realised it was wheat that was my issue! I still spent a lot of time seshing with my friends during this month which wasn’t necessarily a good thing to do due to the fact my exams were starting at the end of this month hahah! But it was all fun. I had one retake exam at the end of this month, for classics and I thought it went really well!

June ~ A lot of revision and exams as you can imagine. I had seven, oops. I didn’t do much this month other than revision, do exams and celebrate at the end so I drank A LOT. I went out clubbing A LOT. I was a mess.


July ~ Surprise, in this month, ya girl took her worst fears by the balls and threw them away. I got a tattoo! It was terrifying but I guess if you know me by now, you already know I wouldn’t have had a blessed time! (I’m writing this part of the blog post in September and spoiler alert: I’ve booked another so my fear isn’t too bad!) Again, I went out with my friends drinking quite a few times. I’ve realised, me doing this review and looking through my snapchat memories, I go out a lot. It’s not an issue I promise hahahhaha, I don’t think I go out as much as most people my age!


August ~ I started this month watching Matilda for a second time in Birmingham – the first was in London a year ago! I had such a fun time, I’d truly recommend going to watch this musical if you have it in your local area! I went to the beach with my family to celebrate life because August is the month anniversary of my mother’s death – it had been four years this August. I did have a fun time and didn’t really think about it much. Other than the fact that the last time I went to Weston Super Mare, I was with my mother. Alas, it was results day this month. I did a blog post on this so I won’t go into mass amounts of detail on what I got but I did fab.

September ~ I didn’t officially start university until the end of September so I had an entire month to kill before starting university. In all honesty, it was boring as hell. Most of my friends had already left to go to their universities so I had a lot of time on my hands. I watched a lot of Netflix.

October ~ This month is when university officially stepped up a gear. All my friends had definitely left to go to university. I got wake up calls. I had a ton of deadlines starting. I was actually overwhelmed as hell but I didn’t let it phase me. I gained a lot of weight during this month due to stress eating but shush we don’t talk about that. This was the month I felt the most lonely. I made a lot of friends but also lost a few which wasn’t fun.

November ~ This month calmed down a lot. After all, it was my birthday month so I was allowed to be relaxed and calm. This is the month where I refound my love for Doctor Who well and truly. I have always loved it but the last season before Jodie’s wasn’t my favourite and it made me kinda fall out of love ever so slightly. Jodie brought that love back. I went to a few gigs and a few nights out. Celebrated my birthday in style, at home with my Netflix on the go hahhaha. I got another tattoo at the end of this month too.

December ~ This month was by far my favourite month of the year. It was the festive season but I didn’t truly feel festive until maybe Christmas Eve. Bit late I know, but at least I didn’t go the whole season without a little bit of Christmas spirit. I finished university for Christmas on the 14th and I celebrated that with another tattoo hahah. I spent time with my college friends because most of them returned home from their own universities too which was great, I missed them dearly. I uhhh got into a relationship and that’s probably why this is my favourite month (more on that later though haha)

So that was my year! Let me know how your year went!


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