Gigs I Went to in 2018

Hiya! I did one of these last year, link here. I really enjoyed looking back on all of the gigs I went to in 2017 so I wanna do it again!

1. Paramore – 19/01/18

I was looking forward to this concert for FOREVER. I love Paramore and I didn’t get to see them during Tour Two but they released Tour Three dates and ya girl got tickets.


2. Waterparks – 01/03/18

I didn’t technically go to this gig but I paid for it. I didn’t want to NOT include it because I was fully intending to go! This date was when we had a lot of snow in England and unfortunately for me, this tour date was not cancelled or updated even though the roads were gridlocked, trains were cancelled and there was absolutely no way for me to go! So yeah, I didn’t go but I was meant to so it didn’t feel right for me to not include this.

3. All Time Low – 15/03/18

Is it even a year if I don’t go see this gorgeous band at least once?! This was the most amazing gig because they supported themselves (after the allegations over the Pierce the Veil drummer were exposed so they were no longer supporting!) and then did a full set afterwards. I had a whole evening of All Time Low and that was my favourite!

4. Fall Out Boy – 27/03/18

I was so excited for this gig! The last time I saw Fall Out Boy was in 2015 so it was a looooonnnnggg time coming. I am one of those fans who don’t HATE Mania so the concert was amazing. Besides, they didn’t play much of the new album so it wasn’t the end of the world for any fan!

5. Harry Styles – 07/04/18

This was literally my childhood dream. Unfortunately it wasn’t One Direction but it was the next best thing and I think preteen me would have screamed at this opportunity. I had so much fun and I do love Harry’s music so I had a blast.

6. The Prodigy – 10/11/18

This is probably a weird one for this list and I bet a lot of people don’t actually know who these guys are! I grew up listening to them because my brother used to have these on FULL BLAST every day after school so I heard it a lot. Big nostalgia for me!

7. Bring Me The Horizon – 23/11/18

When I heard these guys were touring the UK again, I think I screamed. A lot. I saw them a few years ago and I adore them. Funny thing that makes this gig memorable is that Oli Sykes’ dad was in the pit right behind me and I got a selfie with him! Would show you that but honestly, my face was so sweaty and gross that the selfie is gross hahaha.


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