Let’s Talk About Sex: Two Months Off The Pill


Before I left for my hiatus from blogging, I did a post about me coming off the pill. Here’s the update! It’s been around two months since I’ve came off the pill in total. I’ve had around two periods and I’m due my third any day now!

Maybe that’s tmi? Who knows? But if you are grossed out about periods in that detail, why are you reading this?

I was told on the minimal amounts of “coming off the pill” websites and blog posts that your period will take ages to come back. And whilst that it probably an accuracy for many people who do come off the pill, it wasn’t for me. I think I was late by around two or three days, late for when my scheduled pill period would normally be, and that was about it. Coming up to my third period, obviously, I don’t know when it’s exactly going to come (a thing I miss about the pill, being regular as clockwork) but I know it’s going to be soon.

I use the app Flo to update me on when my PMS is around the corner, when my period is going to be and all that fun stuff. It also tells you when you’re likely to become pregnant throughout your cycle which obviously is no importance to me but it may help you guys trying for babies!

One thing I have noticed since coming off the pill, and the one thing I am not enjoying, is the return of acne. BOY is my skin going wild. It’s not just during my period part of the cycle like it used to be, it’s all the damn time. Maybe I took for granted the clear skin I always had when being on the pill hahhaa?

Other than that, I’ve not really experienced many other drastic symptoms. And I just want to make it clear that this is my body. Obviously everyone is going to be different. The way my body reacted to the pill and also reacted to coming off the pill may be totally different for you. That being said, it could possibly be the exact same and we may be body buddies (lol what?). With this, I’d like for any of you who have come off the pill before, or any form of contraception, to let us know down in the comments how you reacted! You may overlook something but it may completely help someone out!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day and I’ll see you on Saturday for another blog post!

Sophie x


5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex: Two Months Off The Pill

  1. I came off the pill last month, so now I am just patiently waiting for my period to arrive. My acne is certainly also returning and I am honestly really sad about it but I think a good skincare routine can cure it… fingers crossed

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  2. I came off the pill in December last year and my periods have been regular. I have always been regular since before going on the pill too, I guess that’s a good thing as I can imagine being irregular would stress a lot of people out. Thanks for sharing your experience!


  3. I love reading about experiences like this. And, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love how you speak about important topics like this so openly. I started taking the pill at 16 and after a couple of months went off it again for a lot of reasons, the biggest being that I actually felt a “change” or maybe an “influence” in my personality and my mood. I was having mood swings going up and down like roller coasters. I decided to go back on the pill a couple of months back and decided to try a different type of pill and that has honestly made SUCH a difference. Such a great post, can’t wait for more, happy to see you back on Wp!


  4. Glad you’re doing well for the most part and getting into a groove! Since switching to the shot I broke out a bit more (but I also started working out daily this year, so more sweat). But it mellowed out after the first month or so 👍🏼


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