Reasons to Meditate

Meditation is a much needed thing for many people. For me, it's crucial because it conquers my anxiety a lot, not perfectly gone but still curbs it a little bit. There's other plentiful reasons that prove that meditation may be something you must try out!! First one being to increase self awareness. Before I started… Continue reading Reasons to Meditate

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University Hall’s Wishlist*

Hiya everyone! I moved into student accommodation around a couple of weeks ago now and I'm still getting my bearings and finalising my room. I love finding little knik-knacks to put on shelving units and basically everywhere in my room hahaha! I stumbled across Uncommon Goods who are a company that sell exactly that, little… Continue reading University Hall’s Wishlist*


Helping Yourself Recover From Self Harm Long Term

Hiya. Realising that you need help with an addiction such as self harm is the first step. A crucial step. A scary step. But what happens after? Yes noticing that you require help for a problem is big huge MASSIVE but that's only the first step of many. You need to want to make the change.… Continue reading Helping Yourself Recover From Self Harm Long Term