I Got ANOTHER Tattoo

Ok, this makes it seem like all I do is spend my money on tattoos. And I do. But that’s beside the point haahaa.

I had this one booked since September so I was so very excited about it!

This tattoo has a reason behind it and this is it:

I love ancient history. Greek gods are my fave. Persephone, queen of the underworld, is actually my favourite EVER, I love her. She was abducted by Hades and dragged down to Hell and was forced to eat pomegranate seeds (but she didn’t!) because she knew if she ate in Hell, she was stuck there forever. She promised to spend six months with Hades in Hell and the other six months of the year with her mother, Demeter, on Earth. This is why we have spring/summer when Demeter is a happy mum and autumn/winter is when Hades has Persephone as Demeter is all sad.

So yeah I love Persephone a lot and since I decided to get tattoos, I had this in mind. It took THREE HOURS. I was on the table bein attacked for THREE hours. Nah I’m joking, it wasn’t the worst ever but it wasn’t pleasant, as any tattoo isn’t.

I’m so happy I’ve finally got this baby because I literally wanted someone to show my love for classical history (and my love for my degree) and I think I got it!

christmas exit

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