Another New Tattoo?!

Hiya, yes the title is right. I got another tattoo.

I really need someone to just stop me. I got my first tattoo in July and since the I’ve had three more. It’s a healthy addiction I promise. If you haven’t seen those posts – first tattoo, second tattoo and third tattoo.

I got another new tattoo. This one wasn’t meant to be happening and it was kinda an impulsive moment. A good impulsive moment.

I was browsing through Instagram and this artist I follow was selling some cheap flash (if you didn’t know, it’s when the artist designs a whole bunch of different potential tattoos and just offers them on a first come first serve basis). They had an array; some Jack Daniels whiskey bottles, some moths and a whole lot of other edgy tumblr designs.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have wanted this particular tattoo for a while. I actually had it on my “to tattoo” list in my brain for months because I just love them. So when I saw that this artist had exactly what I wanted for sale. I had to have it.

I got a cute little bee, didn’t I?

Don’t ask me the reason behind getting this because I don’t have one. At all. I saw it and fell in love and that’s a good enough reason, right?


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