Let’s Talk About Sex: Coming Off The Pill Part One


I’ve decided to ditch my birth control after many a year being on it. I wasn’t on it for the traditional reasoning, I was on it because my periods were super heavy and irregular. I think those will still be an issue but honestly, I didn’t like the idea of putting foreign hormones in my body anymore.

So I decided not to. I finished my last pack of my pills and then had my period, and here I am. Birth control-less haha.

Just for context, I was on the 21 day pill with the 7 day break, for a withdrawal bleed aka your period. I also just found out upon writing this that you literally didn’t have to have the withdrawal bleed ever, I could have gone 5 years without a period. Imagine that blessing.

I did have some concerns:

  1. My horrific periods would come back.
  2. My PMS would be worse.
  3. I’d gain weight.
  4. My skin would get out of control with acne.

I had no risk of getting pregnant so that wasn’t a concern for me. But everything else was.

I thought this could be the little start into my series. I’m gonna do monthly updates to how I came off the pill and now it affected my body and so on. Expect the first one soon because it’s almost been an exact month since I came off the pill!


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5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex: Coming Off The Pill Part One

  1. I’m super interested in this, and I can’t wait to read more! I’m currently on the pill but thinking about what the after effects will be once I get off of it in a year or so and make the choice to start building a family!

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  2. I am currently on the 3 month injection contraceptive and I haven’t had my period since 2017 because of it. I also resorted to contraceptives because of my irregular periods and crazy painful cramps and I am so scared of stopping with the injection. I’m looking forward to reading more on this series💖

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  3. Yay! Join the pill-less club, girl 👍🏼 getting off my bc pill was the best thing I ever did (although I still am on bc, the shot, cause I’m not ready for a baby). I feel a million times better and now I’m not at risk for a stroke! The pill I was on before put me at risk even as young as 22 to have a stroke because my migraines had auras. My new doctor took me off them immediately. This shot last three months, but it’s been weird getting used to NOT taking a pill each night haha good for you! I hope it’s all up hill from here for ya xo


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